The 26%: Women Speak Out on Tech’s Diversity Crisis


The 26%: Women Speak Out on Tech’s Diversity Crisis

This 5-part short documentary series highlights the importance of diversity in the tech industry. Rachel Bracker created, directed, produced, and edited the series for Recode in the summer of 2015.


Episode 1

Google X Roboticist Speaks Out on Tech's Gender Crisis

In the first episode of the series, Leila Takayama of Google X discusses her early days at robotics pioneer Willow Garage, the importance of diverse perspectives in product design, and how she has tackled subtle and explicit gender discrimination in her career.

Episode 2

Periscope Engineer: Tech's Gender Gap is Tech's Fault

For the second episode, Recode invited computer science student Ilona Bodnar to meet Periscope engineer Sara Haider. The promising student and rising industry leader discussed the challenges that women face in the industry and how to persevere in spite of them.

Episode 3

Leading Roboticist Highlights Glass Ceilings, Blatant Misogyny in Tech

Recode sat down with Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise to discuss the challenges facing women in tech. "They're not going to move out of the way, but why should I stop going?" says Wise in this compelling interview.

Episode 4

Detroit Water Project Co-Founder on the Challenges Women of Color Face in Tech

What if you're the only woman in the room and the only person of color, too? Tiffani Ashley Bell and Scripps College student Nma Mbeledogu discuss the challenges that women of color face in the tech industry.


Facebook's Mary Lou Jepsen Says Tech is Hostile to Women

In the fifth and final episode of the series, Facebook’s Mary Lou Jepsen discusses what it's like to be an executive woman in tech, how to persevere when you hear the word "impossible," and what companies can do to achieve their diversity goals.