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The Vanport Mosaic

The Vanport Mosaic

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The Vanport Mosaic is an oral history project that works in collaboration with survivors, local artists, journalists, oral historians, and dedicated members of the Portland community to preserve the history of Vanport, a city lost to a tragic flood in 1948.

If you don't know about Vanport, but live in Oregon, you might not realize just how important Vanport was in Oregon's history. For example, did you know that Portland State University was originally Vanport College? There are many more roots to discover and celebrate, as well as important lessons about displacement and gentrification that must play a part in our current understanding of these struggles facing Portland.

Rachel has worked as a Video Producer with the Vanport Mosaic for several years and is proud to collaborate with artists + community members of the Vanport Mosaic on memory activism projects.

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Role: Director / Cinematographer / Editor


Role: Director / Editor


Role: Cinematographer