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With the Wind and the Stars

With the Wind and the Stars


With the Wind and the Stars is a 360 documentary series about women who fly.

Experience the thrill and wonder of flight as women pursue their dreams in the world of aviation. Each episode immerses you into the life of a different female pilot. Inside the cockpit, you can see and feel the excitement of flight. On the ground, the pilots’ struggles, determination, and confidence are illuminated.

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Filmed in stunning 360 video, “With the Wind and the Stars” is a transformative journey into the cockpit of an airplane in the sky, next to the runway watching planes take off and land, and inside of a bustling hangar. But it is also takes place at the dinner table, seated beside a pilot studying for her upcoming checkride exam. It is in her office as she prepares to launch her own airline. And it besides her, shining the flying wires that will soon adorn the plane she’s building.


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